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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More on coming to CAFTA's defense

" is a small trade agreement, affecting a volume of American exports about equal to those from New Jersey.

Yet as Congress rushes to begin its summer recess at the end of this week, President Bush will make a rare trip to Capitol Hill on Wednesday, seeking to prevent Republican defections and a possible defeat of his Central American Free Trade Agreement, or Cafta.

Democrats, including many who voted for much bigger trade agreements, are overwhelmingly opposed. Despite intense pressure from Mr. Bush and from House leaders, fewer than half the Republicans have openly pledged their support.

Both Mr. Bush and his opponents agree on one point: a vote for Cafta is about more than the $32 billion in trade between the United States and six tiny countries in Central America and the Caribbean.

For Mr. Bush, the trade pact is crucial to a broader agenda of reducing global trade barriers. White House officials say that if he were to lose this vote, the credibility of the United States in global trade negotiations would be destroyed and free trade would suffer a major setback."

As I've said many times before, we should support CAFTA, to create jobs at home and abroad.

From The New York Times.


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