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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Preparing for battle II

"July 18 issue - The senate was in recess, its members scattered across the planet. Still, Republicans had urgent administrative business to conduct: organizing their Supreme Court talking points for the weekend chat shows. So they set up a globe-spanning "message management" conference call. The nominal host was Majority Leader Bill Frist in Tanzania. But the guy fielding many of the questions late last week wasn't a senator or White House staffer—or even, for that matter, a lawyer. He was a 42-year-old K Street lobbyist and ninja of concus-sive conservative spin named Ed Gillespie, whose first congressional experience was parking cars. As he spoke, Washington was buzzing with rumors that the chief justice was about to follow Sandra Day O'Connor out the door. "Is Rehnquist retiring?" asked Sen. George Allen of Virginia. There was "no official confirmation," Gillespie said. But his tone had a message: "Get ready."

This will be an interesting (and bloody) summer.

(Via Newsweek.)


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