In Dicta

Monday, July 04, 2005

Preparing for the Battle

The New York Times today has a story that begins:

"WASHINGTON, July 3 - With a White House nomination of a new Supreme Court justice at least a week away, members of the Senate began sharpening their differences on Sunday as lawmakers battled over the proper line of questioning at confirmation hearings and the right of Democrats to filibuster a nominee they deem unacceptable.

As senators sparred in interviews, op-ed columns and television appearances, the Bush administration sought to keep its deliberations over a potential successor to Justice Sandra Day O'Connor out of public view. White House officials were privately encouraging lawmakers not to get drawn into speculation over candidates' names but to concentrate on calling for quick and fair consideration of whomever President Bush nominates. [Page A11.]

Conservative groups, meanwhile, continued to press their opposition to one frequently mentioned presidential favorite, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales."