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Monday, July 18, 2005

Sex offender's rights

I worry about sex offenders as much as anyone else. However, even convicted sex offenders have rights, and law enforcement has to act in a rational manner with everyone, be they sex offenders or convicted murderers.

"Authorities in Florida are sending convicted sex offenders to jail for violating the terms of their probation by having men's magazines such as Maxim.

Andrew Calderon, 23, was jailed for six days before a judge ordered his release after officers found a racy poster and calendar and copies of Maxim in his home earlier this year.

A judge will decide next month whether Calderon's probation should be revoked or extended and whether the materials were innocent.


In another case, sex offender Joseph Conte, 56, was arrested when authorities found a copy of a sex manual in a drawer next to the bed the former schoolteacher shares with his wife. A judge later dismissed the probation complaint."

Via Yahoo! News.


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