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Friday, July 08, 2005

WH Prepared for Rehnquist retirement

From Political Wire:

"After rumors that Chief Justice William Rehnquist might soon retire, the White House is "preparing for the possibility," the Washington Post reports.

"Talk of a possible Rehnquist retirement has reached full boil again as Republican strategists mapped out plans for how to tackle a double nomination. Advisers inside and outside the White House are discussing how to select two potential nominees, how they might match or balance each other and how to sequence their confirmation hearings."

Meanwhile, in an interview with the Denver Post, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales sought to downplay speculation about his possible nomination: "I've been asked since 2001 whether or not I'd consider going on the court, and I've consistently said, 'I'm not a candidate for the Supreme Court' -- and that remains true today. I love being attorney general. My job, currently, is to help the president make this decision."


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